Moulin rouge
by on aura tout vu


Moulin rouge

Founded in 1889 by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, the Moulin Rouge was an immediate success. Opened on 10 October at the bottom of the Butte Montmartre, the founders wanted to offer a place dedicated to popular entertainment for a diverse public.

The elegance of the dancers is admirable in their stage costumes, whose crystals illuminate every show. The Cancan, immortalized the reputation of the institution throughout the world. A must in Paris since its creation, anonymous people and artists meet there. Among the faithful, we find the famous painter Toulouse-Lautrec, who transcribed his love for the place in his paintings. The unique décor of the Moulin Rouge invites you to take a trip to a different world. Stars from all over the world visiting Paris, from Ella Fitzgerald to Elton John and Frank Sinatra, have performed in the famous cabaret during exceptional galas, following in the footsteps of Jean Gabin, Edith Piaf, Yves Montand...

The world's most famous cabaret evokes the essence of French femininity, Parisian chic, romance and love. Synonymous with party, glamour and elegance, the Moulin Rouge has influenced cabarets around the world without ever being equalled. 

From the invention of the French Cancan to the Féeries revues, his inspiration is inexhaustible. 


Each revue calls upon ancient trades. Costumes, embroidery, feathers and steel require their own techniques, sometimes forgotten, of which a few rare creators have kept the secret.

The decorations, the fruit of careful and meticulous work, are the result of French know-how and make the Moulin Rouge a unique cabaret. 

The creations of On Aura Tout Vu, heirs to a European tradition, reflect the best of innovation, know-how and sophisticated design. Mastering with elegance and originality the techniques of sewing and embroidery as well as a recognised know-how in jewellery design. Its creators deploy an exceptional talent to guarantee unique products in the most noble, luxurious and surprising materials, where the real and the fake merge. 

The Moulin Rouge and On Aura Tout vu have a rare and unique know-how. Attached to a French tradition of excellence, the link was inevitable...

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Moulin Rouge is launching its first collection in collaboration with On Aura Tou Vu, a brand that shares its Parisian values of luxury, seduction and elegance. An accessory line has been created between the two brands evoking the finery of the famous dancers. The two brands play and mix their universe. The Moulin Rouge, the Mecca of Parisian nightlife, joins the magic and imagination of our designers.