ON AURA TOUT VU jewellery is usually made of brass and then a bath of gold, silver, rhodium, ruthenium or palladium covers the surface.

All metal components are plated and coloured. The nickel content corresponds to European standards and has been tested to avoid any allergies. ON AURA TOUT VU jewellery in gold-plated metal has a top layer of 18-carat gold. This is a pale yellow shade of gold with an intense and delicate shine. ON AURA TOUT VU jewellery in pink gold metal has a rose gold top layer. This colour is obtained by combining fine gold and copper.

We use bohemian glass beads, Venetian glass beads, seed beads and many others in our designs. The beads used in our jewellery lines are synthetic and not natural. Swarovski pearls have a crystal core. Their unique brilliance is achieved through the use of a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski. The strictest quality controls guarantee the absolute purity of each Crystal Pearl.

We use "Crystal Bohemia" rhinestones from the Czech Republic and high quality "Swarovski" stones.

Swarovski's specialised manufacturing processes and the selection of the highest quality raw materials ensure the highest degree of precision, consistency of components and unrivalled lasting brilliance. Swarovski crystal is manufactured in the company's traditional production plant in Wattens, Austria. Each crystal is subjected to the most stringent quality controls. The exact recipe and proportions of quartz, sand and minerals remain a secret in their laboratories, and are part of the brand's heritage.

Proper and regular care can extend the life of the jewellery. To enjoy your precious accessories for as long as possible, here are some tips:

- As far as possible, avoid wearing rings and other jewellery when cleaning, gardening, playing sports and going into water (salty or chlorinated).

- Please remove your jewellery before going to bed and washing.

- Perfume or hairspray can dull the shine of the jewellery and reduce its brilliance. We recommend that you spray yourself with perfume, lacquer or other cosmetics before putting on your jewellery.

- Alcohol and other solvents damage the surface. Beaded jewellery should be stored separately from other jewellery, ideally in a cloth bag or wrapped in a soft cloth. This will prevent your pearls from being scratched.

- Soap, cream and make-up residues can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. This should not contain any aggressive cleaning agents. Ideally, water with a neutral cleaner should be used. Please use a jewellery cleaning cloth to clean slightly discoloured areas. If the discolouration cannot be removed with the jewellery cleaning cloth, we recommend using a jewellery bath. A cleaning cloth specially designed for our jewellery, as well as a jewellery bath, can be purchased in specialist shops.

- Both products are suitable for both pure 925 sterling silver and gold-plated, rhodium, ruthenium or palladium jewellery. Best results will be achieved if items are first soaked, then dried and finally polished with the jewellery cleaning cloth. Blackened jewellery cannot be cleaned in silver cleaning baths, if you do not want the blackened effect to disappear. The surface can however be polished with a cleaning cloth. Jewellery with imitation pearls, freshwater pearls, lapis lazuli, coral, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, jasper, howlite or haematite is not suitable for cleaning baths either. For leather bracelets and fabric bands, only the metal parts should be cleaned with a cloth. Do not dip leather bracelets and fabric ribbons in a silver cleaning bath or clean them with ultrasound to avoid damaging the product. Other commercially available silver or gold dipping baths, especially for jewellery, can also be used. Please follow the instructions for use and, if necessary, ensure that the stones, pearls and cold enamel are compatible.

Our sunglasses are made of two different materials. 

Some have a frame made of cellulose acetate, a plastic material made from plant fibres found in wood. The acetate is glossy or matt depending on the model.

Others have a frame made of shiny or matt stainless steel, an alloy of steel and chrome that forms a protective layer against moisture on the metal. This means that the glasses are not susceptible to corrosion and will not rust.

Some models combine these two materials in their frames. For each model, you will find the materials used in the description and the technical data sheet of the selected product.

The lenses are smoked, smoked in a gradient or with a mirror finish. In all three cases, UV absorption is optimal and compatible with driving, in accordance with current European standards.

In order to maximize the life of the ON AURA TOUT VU glasses, here are a few points to observe:

- Always place the glasses on their folded temples, never place them on a table or any other surface with the lenses facing inwards as this could scratch the lenses.

- Always store glasses in their case to avoid damage to the frame or lenses.

- Be careful not to drop the glasses, as this can break or scratch the lenses and distort the frame. Hair gels or hairspray, strong perfumes, creams, etc. may alter the colour of the acetate temple tips. Use them with care.

The nose pads are fragile and can be damaged by contact with make-up, creams, etc. Clean them regularly with lukewarm water and eyeglass cleaner.

- Clean the lenses and frames only with a clean eyeglass cloth or microfibre cloth. Do not apply too much pressure when cleaning. Other cleaning agents may be aggressive and may discolour or fade lenses, acetate or metals.

- Do not expose the glasses to high temperatures (sauna, car dashboard) or moisture. Never use the glasses as safety glasses for handicrafts and DIY work as they do not meet the requirements for safety glasses.

ON AURA TOUT VU masks are anti-spray barrier masks made of 100% cotton triple layer fabric. Each mask is washable and reusable.

For optimal use against airborne viruses, the mouth and nose should be covered. 

These masks are not approved or certified by the Ministry of Health. They are neither surgical masks nor N-95 respirators. 

For obvious reasons of hygiene and safety, no mask purchased and removed from its packaging can be returned, taken back or exchanged.

Machine washing at 60 degrees for 30 minutes is recommended for non-embossed masks. For rhinestone masks, a machine wash at 40 degrees is preferable. It is then recommended to iron each mask after washing, without using the steam function of the iron.

Most of our garments and textile accessories are made of noble materials such as silk and cotton. Please read carefully the composition on the label as well as on the specific descriptions of each product on the site. Our pieces are made in the European Community or in our workshops located in the Palais Royal in Paris.

The limited series and one-off pieces are the result of a long process of handcrafting, delicate embroidery and ornamentation. They are fragile items that require special care. Please refer to the specific care instructions for each product to learn more about the different materials and techniques used.

Each ON AURA TOUT VU piece requires specific maintenance. Please consult the description of the product you are interested in to take the best possible care of it. Our advice is aimed at ensuring the longevity of these products.

If you stain a textile, immediately take a cloth and warm water and gently rub the stain. Do not use soap or chemicals. If the stain persists, use a stain remover that is effective and, if possible, suitable for the type of stain. Dry cleaning is recommended for the most fragile items.

ON AURA TOUT VU stands for quality creations with innovative and registered designs. In order to be able to fulfil our commitments, we would like to ask you to take into account certain criteria for the online purchase of our products. 

In order to obtain a certified authentic product, we invite you to make all your purchases on and from our official online partner: Moulin Rouge by On Aura Tout Vu.

For information on our official international sales outlets, please visit the "Shops" section of our website. Authorised partners are identified by a direct link to their own online shop.

Our business is increasingly falling victim to online merchants and copycats who do not hesitate to capitalise on counterfeiting. It is not uncommon for these sites to resemble with an official domain name.