Spring-Summer 2019


A touch of derision,
A taste for wordplay and wit,
An unconditional love of craftsmanship and handmade products.
An inexhaustible curiosity for technology and the times.
For 20 years now, we have seen it all, resisting all conformisms,
Explore with the greatest freedom various plastic expressions
to think and live fashion differently.
Embroidery, weaving, painting, sculpture, welding, sewing participate
in the creation of new textures made of mixtures, juxtapositions,
superpositions, hybridisations.
In search of new adventurous symbioses through
a magical association of elements a mystique of beauty.
A singular practice of the transmutation of surprise and astonishment.
Spontaneous, intuitive and permanent alchemy.
Today explicit homage to this state of overcoming magnified
by the poetry of symbols,
The sensual materials precious vectors of the dream ALCHIMIA
like a muse revealed in sharing for a symbolic birthday.