Although atypical, ON AURA TOUT VU strives to respect human rights, not only for all our employees but also for all those who work in the supply chain and who collaborate with our company. We have created an artisanal growth model with solutions to the challenges of a more sustainable development.

Placing ethics at the heart of our creative conduct is a moral commitment and an essential principle of trust towards ON AURA TOUT VU's clients. This culture of sustainability and craftsmanship is based on compliance with applicable regulations, but also on the integrity of all our employees and business partners.

We want to work with like-minded people who are committed to the fight against child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and exploitation of the vulnerable, and against all violence and discrimination related to mass production.

Our dedication to the environment and social issues confirms our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Our longevity is rooted in the quest for authenticity and respect for time and nature's resources.