Arala necklace with blue crystals and oval chains


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Articulated Arala necklace: central motif set with oval and round blue crystals, oval mesh chains, adjustable clasp for incomparable elegance.

  • Reference: OATV 0250
  • Brand : On Aura Tout Vu
  • Collection : BALANCE
  • Colour: Blue
  • Neck size: 45cm + 5cm adjustment chain
  • Materials: Ruthenium-plated metal


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The Arala Articulated Necklace combines elegance and refinement. This necklace features an exquisite central motif, set with crystals in a monochrome of blues, in oval and round shapes, creating a captivating play of light. Each crystal is meticulously crafted for exceptional brilliance.

Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 29 × 38 × 6 cm